Patented multi-charging station. Made in Germany.

Patented design with sophisticated technology

Our patented ALLDOCK design combines functionality, innovation and elegance.

ALLDOCK works with the latest technology without compromising on stylish design. Our attention to detail has created a functional work of art that fits naturally into any home or office.

The unique Alldock-IQ™ uses the latest charging technologies, whether wireless or with the USB cable. With ALLDOCK your devices can be charged safely and at record speed. 

Individual and adaptable

With the ALLDOCK you can charge all your electronic devices. It is compatible with all standard charging cables (Lightning, USB-C, Micro-USB). At ALLDOCK, you and your needs are our priority. You can determine the size, colour and material of ALLDOCK yourself and adapt it to your individual taste.

Bye bye, cable mess

Cable chaos is not only a dust catcher and a dangerous trip hazard, but also looks rather messy. Knotted cables no longer, because ALLDOCK has the solution for you!

The timeless and functional charging station allows you to prevent cable clutter by joining and hiding the cables together. ALLDOCK combines all your USB cables and electronic devices.