ALLDOCK in your kitchen

ALLDOCK in your kitchen

Relaxed cooking, always having the recipe in view and charging the battery at the same time, that's what you want? Then take a look at our products!

You need music to cook? Then play it on your device in the kitchen without having to complain about a dead battery.

You cook together, want to have a look at the recipe, but the battery of the tablet is empty? With an ALLDOCK you can charge the device and use it at the same time.

Streaming movies and listening to music while cooking? No problem. Dock the device and play anything you want.

Cooking with your sweetheart, laughing and charging all devices at the same time. All this is possible with ALLDOCK.

Discover the joy of cooking together with your sweetheart. Open the recipe on your device and place it in the ALLDOCK. The upright, inclined stand makes it easier to read and the device is protected from dirt.

Imagine you come home after a long day and just want to cook something quickly. The recipe is on your tablet, but the battery is flat. With an ALLDOCK you can charge your appliance and look up all the recipes at the same time. The upright stand makes it much easier for you to use it.

You like to organize dinner parties for your friends or you cook together? Then the ALLDOCK is the perfect little kitchen helper! Play music for your friends from your device, or look up the recipe again online.

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