ALLDOCK in your living room

ALLDOCK in your living room

You come home and of course go straight to the living room to recover from the exhausting day! Your tablet has been waiting for you all day in the charging station and is ready to make your evening more enjoyable. Surf the internet while the devices you used during the day are recharged in the ALLDOCK.

Imagine one of the elegant ALLDOCK charging stations in your living room presenting all your modern devices. "Where did you get this?" your friends will ask you.

The noble design fits especially well into the living room. All your devices are located in the centre of your life.

Imagine your living room is super comfortable, there is no messy, disturbing cable chaos and all your devices are collected in one place. No more searching and unknotting your cables!

Your living room is where most of your entertainment equipment accumulates. From Smart TV to stereo, you have everything there. Of course, you pay attention to style and appearance, why not also when charging the small devices?

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