ALLDOCK while coming home

ALLDOCK while coming home

Come home and quickly put down your smartphone and tablet. Enjoy your peace and quiet while your devices recharge. Don't answer every message and take some time off!

Quickly put your smartphone for the job away as soon as you get home. Now the boss can't reach you anymore. Dock it in the charging station and take it back the next morning fully charged and in the meantime enjoy your free time.

ALLDOCK lets you gather everything you need in one place before you leave home. Keys, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or fitness bracelet without worrying about the devices you need having a dead battery.

Just come home, charge the devices directly and spend your free time with your family. All family members can easily charge their devices at the ALLDOCK, as it is compatible with all common USB cables. This means more time for you and the whole family.

Welcome home. Take off your coat and shoes and charge your devices directly in style and enjoy your free time to the full.

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