What charging cable system should I purchase?

What charging cable system should I purchase?

So you have decided that you want to add new cables to your ALLDOCK.

You have a number of options:

1. What type of devices to I want to charge in the ALLDOCK? 

If your answer is APPLE then you will require MFi Certified Apple Cables.

If you have Android devices then you will require Micro Cables. We also have C-Type Cables for the most recently launched Android & Apple iPad Devices .

2. One Hand Docking

Our one hand docking is a unique system of cable management. The adapter allows you to secure your cable within your ALLDOCK and thus allows you to dock your device to its cable with one hand. Our Single cables are a perfect option to have more flexibility in the charging position of the device in the ALLDOCK. You can also install your own cables, but ensure they are certified and in excellent condition to carry the Alldock high charge current.


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