What is the charging ability of the ALLDOCK?

by Malte Trampert on November 02, 2020

Our USB power HUBS produce 2400mAh to 3000mAh from each USB port. Ensuring a high work load, charging up to 6 devices at full throttle simultaneously.
The intelligent charging converter technology provided by the IC chip can identify the connected device model, automatically matching the best current to achieve the best charging effect.
Thanks to a component upgrade, ALLDOCK has become more energy efficient, without any compromises in its charging speed.

The speed of Charge is also excellent. Check out the test we conducted against a standard Apple Charger.


ALLDOCK 4x Charger 

built into ALLDOCK Classic and ALLDOCK Wireless

ALLDOCK 6x Charger 

built into ALLDOCK Classic Family and ALLDOCK Wireless Family