The patented ALLDOCK Click-Adapter simplifies the docking of your mobile devices to the charging station. Since the cable head is fixed in the adapter, you can dock your devices onto the ALLDOCK charging stations with one hand. The position in the charging station can be changed freely at any time.

Click-Adapters (10)

ALLDOCK Mounts Pack Black

$39.95 USD $54.80 USD

ALLDOCK Click-Adapter Apple Lightning

$24.95 USD

ALLDOCK Split cable USB-A

$14.90 USD

ALLDOCK Mounts Pack White

$39.95 USD $54.80 USD

ALLDOCK Click-Adapter USB-C to Lightning

$25.95 USD

ALLDOCK Click-Adapter USB-C

$14.95 USD

ALLDOCK Click-Adapter USB-C to USB-C

$15.95 USD

ALLDOCK Split cable USB-C

$15.90 USD

ALLDOCK ClickPort USB-A, 35cm

$14.90 USD