Description Apple Package

The advantages of the Apple Package

ALLDOCK offers you a special package with everything you need for your Apple devices. The package includes the ALLDOCK charging station with an integrated charger with 4 USB inputs. Also a lot of accessories. Like two powerful Apple MFi Lightning textile cables, integrated in one Click-In-Adapter. Also one of the unique Y-USB split cables to extend the device capacity of the ALLDOCK charging station. Furthermore, you can look forward to the popular Mounts to charge the Apple Watch and the AirPods.


Why an ALLDOCK charging station?

ALLDOCK Wireless combines classic cable charging with the latest Qi technology. You can now charge your smartphone safely and easily via induction on the front wireless deck while the cables for your other devices become invisible in an attractive case. ALLDOCK means, no cable tangling, no cable breakage and fast relaxed charging. 

The ALLDOCK is available in bamboo, walnut wood, aluminium or ABS plastic. The woods come from selected, sustainable cultivation and the shell is handmade. The plastic versions are made of a stable plastic and have a high-quality soft-touch surface.

Each ALLDOCK Wireless is equipped with a charger with four ultra-fast and powerful USB ports. Each port provides a stable power supply that can be used to optimally charge almost all your devices. A sophisticated integrated circuit is used to protect your hardware from overload, overvoltage and overheating. Furthermore, the wireless function gives you the opportunity to charge your Qi-capable devices inductive with style.


The Mounts

The Mounts allow you to charge easily your Apple Watch and the Apple AirPods in our ALLDOCK charging station. One device can be charged per mount and the modern look fits with your ALLDOCK charging station and does not alter the design in any way.

ALLDOCK always strives to enable you to charge all your devices at a central location and tries to make your life easier with design-conscious solutions.

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