Description Classic Package

The advantages of the Classic Black Package

ALLDOCK offers you a special package with everything you need for your devices. The package includes an MFI-, a Micro- and a C-Type-Cable, integrated in one of the proven Click-In-Adapter. Furthermore, you can look forward to the popular Mounts to charge the Apple Watch, the Fitbit and the AirPods.


Why an ALLDOCK charging station?

ALLDOCK Classic combines fast charging with modern design. You can charge your smartphone safely and easily and the cables for your devices become invisible in a visually attractive case. ALLDOCK means, never again cable tangle, no cable break and fast relaxed charging. 

ALLDOCK proudly presents the unique and patented design of ALLDOCK Classic. The ALLDOCK Classic is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a mat and haptic attractive soft-touch surface. The contemporary design in an elegant black makes the charging station an eye-catcher in your home. As a total work of art, the ALLDOCK is not only a functional charging station but also a modern designer piece.

Each ALLDOCK Classic is equipped with a charger with four ultra-fast and powerful USB ports. The ALLDOCK charging station also guarantees compatibility with all USB cables. The charging station can therefore charge devices of all brands. A highly developed integrated circuit is used to protect your hardware from overload, overvoltage and overheating.


The Mounts

The Mounts allow you to charge easily your Apple Watch, the Apple AirPods and the Fitbit at our ALLDOCK charging station. One device can be charged per mount and the modern look fits with your ALLDOCK charging station and does not disturb the design in any way. The accessories also come in black to match the black charging station. 

ALLDOCK always strives to enable you to charge all your devices at one central location and tries to make your life easier with design-conscious solutions.

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