Energy on the road

With the ALLDOCK Wireless Powerbank, you can recharge your devices on the road with the familiar ALLDOCK quality. The Powerbank offers you the possibility of charging your devices either conventionally with a cable or with the latest wireless technology. Simply by placing your device on the Powerbank, the battery is charged quickly and reliably. The Powerbank is equipped with a USB port, so it is even possible to charge two devices at the same time. With the ALLDOCK Powerbank you can charge your wireless compatible smartphones, whether it is the latest iPhone, a modern Galaxy.


Practical design

With the ALLDOCK Wireless Powerbank, your electronic devices are elegantly and efficiently charged at home and on the road. At home, you can integrate the ALLDOCK Wireless Powerbank into your ALLDOCK Wireless Charging Station. In this way you add another possibility to charge your devices wireless. Simply connect the Powerbank to the ALLDOCK, place it in the station and lean your Qi-compatible smartphone against the Powerbank. The ALLDOCK Wireless Powerbank has a high-quality ABS plastic casing, with a mat look and soft-touch surface.


Technological excellence

The ALLDOCK Wireless Powerbank is a small marvel of technology and innovation. The wireless charging function is also equipped with the quick charging standard, and stable performance. ALLDOCK attaches great importance to safety, which is why all products are of high quality and guarantee safe charging. The latest technology protects against overheating and other technical defects, so that each of your devices is charged in a safe way.

Scope of delivery