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ALLDOCK ClickPort USB-C, 35cm

ALLDOCK ClickPort USB-C, 35cm

The ALLDOCK ClickPort with USB-C is another ALLDOCK original accessory to simplify the charging of all devices. Connected to a free USB-C port in your ALLDOCK, it serves as an extension to connect additional devices, such as cameras, game controllers, etc.. For example, the GoPro camera can be easily connected with a cable and placed next to the ALLDOCK. In addition, the ClickPort is also compatible with the ALLDOCK Integrate series.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x ALLDOCK ClickPort USB-C
  • 1 x instruction manual

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The idea of this product

The new ClickPort for the ALLDOCK
The ClickPort was developed especially for ALLDOCK charging stations. It solves two problems: the cable search and the charging of oversized devices. Until now, a charging cable could be connected directly to the ALLDOCK's internal charger and plugged through an opening in the lid to charge SLR cameras, controllers or other devices. The disadvantage was that the USB cables had to be replaced depending on the device, for which the lid of the ALLDOCK had to be opened again. The ClickPort remedies this by simply latching the USB-A port on top. This allows you to quickly change the charging cable without having to open the ALLDOCK.

Using the ClickPort
The side with the lever of the ClickPort only has to be pressed into the rounded corner of the holes provided for this purpose in the Alldock lid. The fluted side must be pressed against the recess so that the lever gives way. After that, the other side can be pressed in with ease. The adapter should now be firmly anchored in the top.

Scope of delivery:

1 x ALLDOCK ClickPort USB-C
1 x instruction manual

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