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USB Cable Splitter Black
USB Cable Splitter Black

USB Cable Splitter Black

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Still need more charging space on your ALLDOCK?

In a world first we have designed a cable splitter that will charge 2 devices (including Apple!) from the one USB port. 

As all ALLDOCKs produce a standard 2.4A per USB port, split the port with this cable and have 1A x 2 feeding two Phones. Perfect also for sharing charge on your wearables. 

Note that most Tablets require 2Amp, so it is not optimal to split the USB Port charge. 


ALLDOCK USB Cable Splitter Black

Colors: Black

Cable Size: 4.92 in (Custom for ALLDOCK USB Hub)

Capacity - Built to carry 3Amp of power

Order Multiple: Single unit

This Cable is compatible with all Apple or Android cables and the corresponding devices.


    The splitter allows you to charge two phones or wearables from one USB port.